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JUNJIE Factory was founded in 2000 by Jack Zhu in jinli Town of Gaoyao District in Zhaoqing, a small city at the head of the Pearl River Delta which has been a centre of excellence for hardware in China since the 1980s.  Mr Zhu himself has had over 25 years of hardware experience and has led JUNJIE to be the leading provider of fastener hardware in south of China.

 The company is supplying hardware fastener components like hasp , latch, catch , pull handle ,case buckle across all over the world which in turn are supplying the needs major customers across diverse markets including industrial toolbox ,home furniture ,food service equipment , freezer box and truck. Etc.

 In 2012, the company began a major expansion phase, relocating to a state-of-the-art factory on 4,000 sqm site. We also have opened an hardware die development centre and are building links with fastener hardware research institues in China and overseas. 

Our experience covers toolbox hasp, latch, handle , case buckle and we offer a range of standard product sizes which can be customised to fit your requirements. The year 2013 marks the start of our overseas expansion, setting up global sales and support operations with particular focus on emerging markets as well as novel thin film applications.

At the heart of what we do are our corporate values.  With the rapid growth of technology related business in China, it has not always been able easy for potential customers to select reliable suppliers. JUNJIE strives to be the following:

Proud of What We Do  - aiming to be the best and to value our relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Passionate abour our Customers - aiming to deliver the solutions that our customers actually want at a win-win cost.

Learning all the Time  - working with customers and research partners to develop novel coating solutions. Constantly improving our products and management systems so we dont make the same mistake twice