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Which one is better for single and double basin sinks?

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Which one is better for single and double basin sinks?

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The kitchen sinks currently on the market, according to the style, single basin sinks and double basins are the most common. When your kitchen is renovated, is it also entangled, is it better to have 
The kitchen sinks currently on the market, according to the style, single basin sinks and double basins are the most common. When your kitchen is renovated, is it also entangled, is it better to have a single basin in the kitchen sink or a double basin?
Which one is better for single and double basin sinks?
First, the advantages and disadvantages of single basin sink and double basin sink
Single basin sink
Advantages: The price is relatively cheap. In the same area, the single tank can get more space, and the single tank has only one sink. When installing the water pipe, the structure is simple, convenient and durable.
Disadvantages: There is only one sink, whether it is cleaning vegetables or other items, it must be carried out in this sink, unsanitary and not easy to control.
Double basin sink
Advantages: When cleaning vegetables and pots and pans, you can separate the two, do not mix and wash together, avoid vegetable greasy, environmentally friendly and durable, and save water resources.
Disadvantages: the price is more expensive than a single basin, the size is relatively small, like a large object such as wok, pot, etc. can not be cleaned in a single tank, very
It is inconvenient, and it is easy to splash water outside; because of the two sinks, it is very troublesome to install the drain pipe.
Second, which one is the single basin sink and the double basin sink?
Single basin sinks and double basin sinks each have their own advantages and disadvantages. In actual life, is the sink single basin good or double basin good? In fact, it should not be generalized, but should be judged according to the actual situation.
1, according to personal eating habits
Everyone has their own eating hobbies. Some people like Chinese food. Some people prefer Western food. Different habits of eating in the East and West will also affect the choice of sink.
If you prefer Chinese food, the larger single tank seems to be better, so it is more convenient to put the wok in to clean. In addition, the larger single sink can also be used for washing dishes, washing vegetables, cutting boards, etc.
If it is a friend who prefers Western food, Xiao Bian recommends that it is better to use double tank. The number of tableware in western food is generally large, and the tray is mainly used. The double-slot sink is more convenient to clean while draining, and it is more convenient to clean at the same time.
2, according to the size of the kitchen countertop
If the size of the kitchen countertop in the home is relatively small, you can't put a double slot. You can use a large single slot. Don't buy a single slot with a small size. If the kitchen counter is large, no matter whether it is a double slot or a single slot, there will be no Any influence, so the kitchen sink is a single slot or a double slot? This is still determined according to the size of the kitchen countertop. The single slot and the double slot are very good.
3, according to the usage habits
In addition to the size of the countertops and eating habits, the choice of sink should be based on daily usage habits.
If you like to put the big pots and pans in the sink, but the cabinets in your home are small, there are not many places to put the sinks. You can use the larger single sink directly, if you are used to If you use a sink to clean vegetables or bowls, you will use double tanks. If you use a single tank, you will be wasting water and not environmentally friendly. In addition, the kitchen sink has a single tank or a double tank. The biggest difference between the two is that half of the double tank can be used to clean greasy things. It is generally used to clean vegetables, but the area of ​​the sink is relatively small; the single tank is large, not Will easily spread the water on the table.

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