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What are the requirements for the processing of metal stamping parts?

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What are the requirements for the processing of metal stamping parts?

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In recent years, metal stamping parts processing has been applied to various fields. Whether in industry or in life, metal stamping parts processing is often used by us.
In recent years, metal stamping parts processing has been applied to various fields. Whether in industry or in life, metal stamping parts processing is often used by us. This process has been closely related to our life. Then, what are the requirements for the processing of metal stamping parts? Let's take a look.

Process requirements for metal stamping parts processing

1. The materials used in the processing of metal stamping parts should not only meet the technical requirements of product design, but also meet the requirements of stamping process and processing requirements after stamping (such as cutting, electroplating, welding, etc.).
2. Metal stamping parts processing When designing the structural shape of parts, it is best to use simple and reasonable surfaces (such as plane, cylindrical surface, spiral surface) and their combinations. At the same time, the number of processing surfaces should be minimized and the processing area should be minimized.
3. Select the method of blank preparation in reasonable mechanical manufacturing, which can directly use profiles, casting, forging, stamping and welding. The choice of blank is related to the specific production technology conditions, generally depending on the production batch, material properties and processing possibilities.
4, the requirements of metal stamping forming performance, for the forming process, in order to facilitate the stamping deformation and the improvement of the quality of the part, the material should have good plasticity, small yield ratio, large thickness coefficient of the plate thickness, and small directional coefficient of the plate plane. The ratio of the yield strength of the material to the modulus of elasticity is small. For the separation process, the material does not need to have good plasticity, but it should have a certain degree of plasticity. The better the plasticity, the more difficult it is to separate.
5. Specify appropriate manufacturing precision and processing costs for surface roughness parts. The processing cost of metal stamping parts processing will increase with the increase of precision, especially in the case of high precision, this increase is extremely significant. Therefore, when there is no sufficient basis, high precision should not be pursued. Similarly, the surface roughness of metal stamping parts should also be properly regulated according to the actual needs of the mating surface. The processing technology of metal stamping parts is more complicated. In order to ensure that the performance of metal stamping parts processing products can meet the requirements of use, it is necessary to follow the corresponding process requirements to ensure production feasibility.
What are the requirements for the processing of metal stamping parts?

Technical requirements for metal stamping parts processing

1. Chemical analysis and metallographic examination. Analyze the content of chemical elements in the material, determine the grade and uniformity of the grain size of the material, evaluate the grade of free cementite, banded structure and non-metallic inclusions in the material, check the shrinkage of the material, Loose and other defects.
2, material inspection stamping parts processing materials are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) metal strip material, metal stamping parts processing raw materials should have a quality certificate, which ensures that the material meets the specified technical requirements. When there is no quality certificate or for other reasons, the metal stamping parts processing factory can select the raw materials for re-inspection as needed.
3. Formability test The material is subjected to bending test and cupping test to determine the work hardening index n value and plastic strain ratio r value of the material. In addition, the test method for forming properties of the steel plate can be determined according to the forming properties and test methods of the steel sheet. get on.
The above is the technical requirements and technical requirements for the processing of metal stamping parts. Do you have a deeper understanding of the processing of metal stamping parts?

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